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We Make GREAT business  partners! Animal Shelters, Rescues, Humane Societies , SPCA's

Sleepy beagle dog in funny glasses near laptopOur animal shelter and rescue partners are critical to making our discount network a success.   We partner with local shelters and rescues to provide them with a financial incentive that encourages pet adoption with benefit of getting discounts on local pet care.   

Our goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate the need for euthanizing pets that are perfectly healthy and able to be adopted.  many owners often return animals if a health condition arises, and often put animals to sleep simply because they cannot afford the cost of pet care.  But we aim to change that and provide adopted pets a more affordable option for pet care. 

We accomplish this by providing discount cards to our shelter and rescue partners.  Our partners then provide each newly adopted pet owner with a card to use for logging into the site.  This simple act helps spread the message of alternative options and potentially life saving discounts for adopted pets.


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The Best Value for Shleters and Rescues All Homesless Animals Qualify For Discounts!

We understand expensive cost of pet care better than anyone, that is why ALL HOMELESS PETS CURRENTLY IN SHELTERS WILL QUALIFY FOR DISCOUNTS! We believe with the financial incentive of Adopted Pet Discounts, we can encourage more people to adopt instead of shop!

Value to Animal Shelters / Rescue Centers


  2. B2B Discounts – Shelters can save too!
    • All Homeless Pets in shelters are eligible for discounts
  3. Add financial incentive to attract potential owners 
    • Adopting any pet will qualify owners to receive exclusive discounts from our Discount Network for the life of this program.
  4. Free advertisement of available pets with LIMITED TIME to rescue
    • Priority will be based on pets most date of euthanasia.
    • Allowing people to actually SAVE a life and make a difference.
  5. High Kill shelter urgency
    • Helping animals get rescued from death is a high priority.
  6. Receive “Pet Finder” integrated account (coming soon)
    • Allowing end users (prospective pet owners) to find animals available for adoption.
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