Our Added Value

Partner with Confidence Providing Outstanding Value to our Partners, Pet owners & Shelters

To Pet Service Partners – (Vets, Dog Walkers, Groomers, Mobile Vets, Etc.)

  • Free registration
    • reach new prospects while reducing overall client communication spend per year.
  • Includes virtual “resume”
    • for pet owners to find, review and schedule an appointment  your clinic or service
    • Scheduling feature coming soon
  • Job Board
    • Free leads! – browse the “requested services” from local pet owners
    • Market to pet owners Actively looking for your services
  • Discount Price and Profile Control
    • Partners have full control of discount pricing and account info.
    • Offer 10% off when the schedule is full – offer 40%+ when you need more clients!
    • Ability to update anytime
  • Customer Retention Tools 
    • Provide package discount  incentives for future visits
    • Upload your personalized coupons or promotions
  • Social communication
    • Interact and communicate with pet owners,
    • Basic blogging tools to improve client retention


Animal Adoption/Rescue Shelters

  • Add monetary incentive to adopt from your local clinic
    • Rescuing an animal will now provide certified rescued or adopted pets discounts from our Pet Service partners for the life of this program.
  • Free advertisement of available pets with LIMITED TIME to rescue
    • Priority will be based on pets most date of euthanasia.
    • Allowing people to actually SAVE a life and make a difference.
  • Receive “Pet Finder” integrated account
    • allowing end users (prospective rescue pet owners) to find animals available for adoption. (coming soon)
  • High Kill shelter urgency
    • Helping animals get rescued from death is our highest priority.


Pet Owners – Find affordable care & end suffering quick!

  • Free Service for Pet Owners 
    • Find specific services based on pet requirements, location and availability.
    • Get side by side comparisons including customer reviews, certified pricing, education, clinic experience and more
  • “Rescue Pet ID” Discount
    • sign up for an account and upload your recuse papers to receive an ID
    • Receive 15-50% discount from participating Rescue Partners.
    • Note* some clinics may ask for a copy of your adoption papers
  • Pet Stores Discount
    • Receive a pet store discount veterinary or pet service is completed using our service pending local stores have opted in for this agreement
  • Schedule Appointments
    • Contact your preferred Pet service and schedule an appointment through our service
  • Future features will include:
    • eCommerce Shopping
    • Pre-Vet Techs – Mobile Vet Techs that make recommendations on if you need to make a vet appointment
    • Virtual Vets – use your web cam to talk and share your pets symptoms with a veterinarian online.  (similar to using Skype to talk and discuss conditions)



Key benefits our service provides

Registration, Advertisement, Communication and Appointment Coordination all FREE!100%
Exclusive discounts for all owners of rescued & adopted pets100%
B2B Discounts - Helping our Animal Shelter and Rescue groups save on Vet care for homeless pets100%
Free Leads with our Discount Requests Board - Services needed and posted by pet owners 100%
Discount Price Control - Update and control all discounts based on your individual business needs 100%
Customer Retention & Social tools - Pet Owners and Pet Business Interact and communicate100%
High kill animal urgency - Our adopt now page features available pets that will be put down within 30 days75%